Standard Enrolment Questions (AVETMISS)

Section 1 – What is your full name?

Section 2 – What is date of birth?

Section 3 – What is your gender?

Section 4 – What is your Unique Student Identifier?

Section 5 – What is your contact details?

Section 6 – What is the address of your usual residence? (AVETMISS)

Section 7 – What is your postal address (if different from above)


Section 8 – Of the following categories, which BES describes your current employment status?

Section 9 – Are you still enrolled in secondary or senior secondary education?

Section 10 – What is your highest COMPLETED school level?

Section 11 – What is your highest school level completed? (DO NOT ANSWER – For Internal Only)

Section 12 – What is your country of birth?

Section 13 – Which one describes your current situation?

Section 14 – Which BEST describes your qualifications listed below?

Section 15 – Do you speak a language other than English at home?

Section 16 – Which one describes your Proficiency in Spoken English?

Section 17 – Do you consider yourself to have a disability, impairment or long-term condition?

Section 18 – What is your disability? Please select the area(s) in the following list.

Section 19 – What is your Indigenous status?


Section 20 – What is your nationality?

Section 21 – Of the following categories, select the one of which BEST describes the main reason you are undertaking this course/traineeship/apprenticeship.