Student FAQs


01. How do I apply for entry into Lloyds International College?

Complete an application form and send it to the college

Fax: (+61) 2 8263 1238
Postal Address: Level 1, 499 Kent Street, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia

02. What facilities do you offer?

  • Kitchenettes.
  • Self study areas.
  • Computer self access and Internet facilities.

03. I want to study at University can you help me?

Lloyds International College is not a university. You might be eligible to apply for credit at university for the work you have studied at Lloyds International College. For more information please contact us.

04. Can I get a job in Sydney?

Your student visa allows you to work 40 hours a fortnight (14 days). Many of our students find a job in restaurants or hotels. Professional work is much harder to get because your student visa only allows you to work 40 hours a fortnight.

05. How many hours a day should I study?

International students are required by the Department of Immigration to be on campus for 20 hours per week.

06. Is it possible to live on campus?

Lloyds International College does not offer living facilities. However, we can assist you in finding other accommodation during your stay. Student House and Homestay are available.

07. Can I pay by credit card?

Yes. All you have to do is to fill out credit card payment form. However, please remember that there is a surcharge of 2%.

08. Can I extend my visa in Australia?

Please refer to the Australian Immigration and Border Protection website for all visa-related queries.

09. What is the length of the course?

You can study English for as little as four weeks or as long as 50 weeks. We will assess your skill level (give you a test) when you start your first day and place you into a class according to your ability. We will test you every month and promote you or not based on your test results.

Vocational Courses vary from 26 weeks full time (includes 6 weeks holidays) – 15 hours/week in class and 5 hours/week online (for a Certificate III) to 52 weeks full-time (includes 12 weeks holiday) for a Diploma.

10. Can I pay by installments?

Yes and No. You cannot pay English courses by installments but you can pay the Business Course fee by installments.

11. I have already done some of these subjects at another college, or at work. Do I need to study these parts of the course again?

No. You can apply for RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) if it is based on your work experience, and for Course Credit if it is based on studies completed at another Australian RTO.

12. How do you timetable the courses?

The timetable allows for classes two times during the day: Morning and Evening. Morning and Evening classes are offered for English and Business courses.

13. Do I need to do an IELTS exam to get into VET programs?

To study Business courses you need an IELTS score of 5.5. You don’t need this exam if you have studied at Lloyds International College in the English course, or if you can produce an English certificate that you have received from an approved/provisionally accredited English college and you achieved Intermediate Level.

14. How long can I study on a student visa?

The length of visa will be dependent on the total length of the course.

15. Do I need a visa to study in Australia?

Yes. To be granted a student visa you must complete a visa application form, lodge it & pay the visa application charge. For more information about student visas please visit

16. Can I work in Australia while I study?

Yes. International students in Australia on a student visa can apply for permission to work up to 40 hours a fortnight (14 days) during course time and full-time during vacation periods. Please visit the page on the Australian Immigration website to find out about conditions for working while studying and how to apply for permission to work.

17. I have obtained my student visa. What does all the coding mean on the visa document?

Your visa must satisfy the visa requirements and comply with a number of visa conditions for attendance and academic performance. . Your Student Visa will list the conditions that apply specifically to you. Descriptions of common student visa conditions can be found in the factsheet on the Australian Immigration website. It is important to comply with your visa conditions to avoid cancellation of your visa.

18. How long can I study on a tourist/visitor visa?

You can study for up to 3 months full-time or part-time.

19. Can I apply for a tourist visa over the Internet?

Depending on the passport that you hold, you may be eligible to apply for a tourist visa online this will let you stay for 3 months in Australia. See for more information.

20. Can I extend my stay in Australia?

Provided your current visa is not subject to a ‘No Further Stay’ condition. You can extend your visa, you need to apply for a new visa before the old visa expires.

21. Do Australian residence students have to pay tuition fees?

Yes. Private colleges receive no government funding. All students are required to pay fees to contribute to the college’s tuition and facilities.

22. When can I begin my course?

For business courses start dates are almost every 5 weeks. You may start your English course on any Monday during the year (except public holidays).

23. Can I have holidays?

If you are studying a Business course, you are allowed 3 weeks break between 10 weeks terms.

If you are studying an English course, you will only be allowed to have holidays if you let us know of the specific period at the time of enrolment ONLY. This will then be put at the end of your study (there is no refund).

24. Will I receive a college student ID card?

On your first day at our college at Orientation, you will receive your student ID card during Orientation. You can use your student card for getting student discounts on entry to cinemas, theatres, museums, aquariums, art galleries etc. but not public transport.

25. Can the college help me open a bank account?

Yes. We will provide you with a Letter. The letter states that you are enrolled as a student at our college and includes your name, address in Sydney, date of birth and dates/length of course. You will need to take this letter along with any other documents needed.